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Vita Modern Homes is a contemporary luxury builder that caters to an exclusive clientele.  Our homes are designed with creative precision that are unique in Southwest Ohio.  Vita brings a West Coast style and blends it with the client’s personal touch.  Our innovative concepts and forward-thinking designs, product quality and customer service are what sets our brand apart from the competition.

Custom Modern Estates

Vita’s awe-inspiring custom modern estates are the pinnacle of modern living.  Designed for your lifestyle, you are going to love your perfect home!

Market Homes

At Vita Modern Homes, our designs and construction quality are showcased through our models and various market homes.  Stop in and visit today!

Living Modern Homes

Quality, Clean Lines, and Light

Our designs incorporate three primary elements into every step of the building process: Quality, Clean Lines, and Light.  Quality customer satisfaction and support, quality materials, and quality engineering.  Clean lines in design, customer communication and business operations.  Open floor plans, large windows, and marvelous lighting schemes bring your home to life.

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